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Wall Film

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Different patterns are available
Self adhesive film
Quick , creative and customized

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Prime Sign ® Wall Film is a new decorative film with an attractive pattern that can be used to cover the wall, PVC board, booth decoration etc. It is produced with specific technology which enhances luxurious finish to the wall, meanwhile is also very easy for application with its water base adhesive.

When we promote this item, we usually compare it to traditional wall paper, and the waterproof PVC surface can protect the wall, also the self adhesive is easier than traditional glue for paper during production. We have six attractive patterns and the digital printing pics can make the sign more eye catching than normal vinyl. So we promote this item as it’s luxurious finish on wall and easy maintenance feature.

You can apply it to showcase, air port, subway, shopping mall walls, it can also decorate booth, hallway and office on wall or other surface like plastic and metal boards.

You can print it with all kind of digital printing methods, and the film will give more than one year usage term.




* Compatible with digital printing systems


* Six attractive patterns available

* Easy application with water base adhesive


* Waterproof PVC surface



* Widely used for showcase, air port, subway, shopping mall walls, booth, hallway and office on wall or other surface like plastic and metal boards.

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