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Easy for application
Water reactive glue
Can stick on almost all kinds of surface.

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Walllink is an ideal material for short time street advertising due to its easy application, sticky finished and printable surface. Prime Sign has test this products on different surfaces like telegraph pole, rock wall and concrete wall, you can give it more opportunity to apply on wallboard, wall brick and wall tile, etc.
 What make this products to be more interesting is the application part. You will notice just after removing the liner that you cannot really feel the glue, this adhesive is only react to water. When you apply it, just spray enough normal water and pat this film onto chose surface are the tricks. After the water is dry, the material will stick on the choose surface firmly. The result is an easy way of applying, even by hand and directly on-site. Small dust or rough surface will not impact the application.




* Easy for application


* Water reactive glue

* Can stick on almost all kinds of surface.


3-6 months usage plus one year of storage.



Temporary street advertising on any smooth or rough surface like telegraph pole, rock wall and concrete wall.


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