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Mirror film

Short Description:

* This material comes in roll
* It is an ideal replacement of traditional glass mirror
* Easy to install and remove

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Prime Sign ® Mirror Film is an exceptional glass decoration film designed for long- term interior application. Acting as a mirror, it provides high- glossy mirror effect and upgrades interior space to be bigger and brighter. Manufactured with leading top technique, it is extremely anti- scratch, making mirror- like glossy finish retained for long term. Widely applied on the clean, smooth and solid substrates, it can be cut with plotters easily to create specular designs and clear outlines for flexible and creative application. It’s up to 3- year warranty.




* Decorative glass film for long- term indoor application


* High- glossy mirror effect surface

* Makes space brighter and bigger


* Anti- scratch surface makes mirror- like glossy effect retained for long term.

* Easily cut with plotters







1. Easily cut into selective designs, letterings or logo for flexible application on any smooth, clean and solid substrates, like glass and acrylic

2. Fashionable decoration with highlights in shop windows, exposition, interior space, etc.



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