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Floor Tex –More than just a floor material

Short Description:

*Fabric backing makes the material more durable
*Suitable for multiple interior and exterior surfaces
*No lamination required
*Digital cutting into any desired shape
*Can be applied in low temperatures
*Anti-Slip and Flame Retardant property

Product Detail

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Prime Floor-Tex is a high quality, strong, enduring printable material constructed with fabric back and textured matte surface vinyl. With the textile component, it is more resistant to damage than normal flooring / wall media. The material is designed with anti-slip and flame retardant properties, which makes it a one-step solution for indoor and outdoor application such as shopping mall, trade show floor graphics and wall decoration.



*Floor graphics (carpet, wooden, tiles, concrete…)

*Textured / smooth wall decoration 

*Road graphics (asphalt, brick)


Printing Methods



Anti-Slip Retardant Property

R11 (DIN 51130:2014-02)


Flame Retardant Property

B2 (DIN 4102-1:1998-05 Clause 6)



More than 6 months.

*Depends on the surfaces it is applied and many other factors.



Shelf life is 12 months. Storage temperature 25℃, relative humidity 65%.



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