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Floor Tex –More than just a floor material

Short Description:

*Fabric backing makes the material more durable
*Suitable for multiple interior and exterior surfaces
*No lamination required
*Digital cutting into any desired shape
*Can be applied in low temperatures
*Anti-Slip and Flame Retardant property

Product Detail

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Equipped with fabric backing, Floor Tex is textured matte vinyl with brilliant physical strength and long durability. Backing fabric makes strong adhesion to multiple surfaces, like carpet, concrete, tile, brick,wooden or PVC floors, etc. Anti-slip and flameproof finish makes it a safe and ideal floor vision in public places requiring safety priorly.

It is compatible with Solvent, Eco- Solvent, UV, and Latex printing systems. No lamination is required. 




* Textured matte vinyl with fabric backing


* Adhering to multiple surfaces that are hard to stick

* Compatible with Solvent, Eco- Solvent, UV, and Latex printing systems


* No lamination is required. 

* Anti-Slip Retardant Property: R11 (DIN 51130:2014-02)


* Flame Retardant Property: B2 (DIN 4102-1:1998-05 Clause 6)



More than 6 months.

*Depends on the surfaces it is applied and many other factors.


Shelf life is 12 months. Storage temperature 25℃, relative humidity 65%.




1. Floor graphics (carpet, wooden, tiles, PVC floors, concrete…)


2. Textured / smooth wall decoration  3. Road graphics (asphalt, brick)



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