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Multi- Memoboard

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Multi- memoboard solution- combination of Clear Erasable Writing Film and Ferrous Printable Sheet
* Background printing
* Erasable writing
* Magnetic system

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Multi- memoboard, a creative solution, combines the features and advantages of Clear Erasable Writing Film and Ferrous Printable Sheet – background printing, erasable writing and magnetic system.

Any desired shapes can be cut. Just print on Ferrous Printable Film (Solvent, Eco-solvent, UV and Latex printers) and over laminate Clear Erasable Writing Film on the top of it. It’s easy to apply on the smooth and clean surfaces. Wet application is recommended.

Write smoothly. Ink of markers can be easily erased without leaving shadows or ghosting. Equipped with magnetic system, it adheres to the magnetic nail tightly.




 * Background printing


* Erasable Writing

* Equipped with magnetic system




Widely used for menus in conference room, classroom, menus in the resturants or bars, etc

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