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Window Film

Short Description:

Removable adhesive makes it easy to install and remove
Provide privacy to your office or meeting room
Different patterns provides clients more choices

Product Detail

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Prime Sign provides two different PET film with different white dot pattern. 

This material is suitable for decorative and functional graphics on glass windows and glass doors, increasing privacy and aesthetically appealing while maintaining high visible light transmission. Removable Adhesive makes them easy to instal and they are residue-free.Except for glass windows and glass doors,you can also use them on other transparent media, like acrylic and polycarbonate sheets.


It is designed for outdoor and indoor window decoration.Specially for privacy protection and decoration. Usually,the places where the products are used include offices, Shower Room,VIP rooms, and shopping elevators on any plain glass surface; windows, glass doors, shower enclosures, mirrors, glass tables, cabinet doors and more


The shelf life is one year: it needs to meet the storage conditions, and it is the best to use within half a year.

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