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Static Cling Vinyl

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Without adhesive
Can be applied directly to glass by static electricity
Easy to apply and remove

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Static Cling Vinyl is a material which is absorbed and applied directly to glass by static electricity, or any other high-energy surface that does not require adhesive. As it is non adhesive, unlike most traditional window films, there won’t be glue left on the window when replacing, avoiding the trouble of cleaning. And it can be removed when needed, then reused without any loss of adhesion strength. However, if required, it will stay on glass for one year, in the right conditions.

Our static cling is available in clear or white. The both can show good printing effect. The clear static cling film has the same good transparency as transparent vinyl. The white static cling film is ideal as a temporary security measure when going on holiday or just to make a room darker.




* Electrostatic adsorption


* Easy removal without leaving residues

* Easy reposition 


* Clear and white face films are available

* Security measurement helps protect privacy.




Indoor and Outdoor digital printing media for decoration, signage display, vehicle graphics, airport and subway graphics application.


Special Note:When using the static cling vinyl, please avoid contact with oil and dust, and avoid contact with open flames. When storing, Please keep in a dry space to prevent moisture.


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