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Rainbow film

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Dancing colors with moving lights
Blue and red colors are available
Easy to install and remove

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Prime Rainbow Film is a kind of decoration film which is usually used on the smooth and rigid surfaces like glass window, transparent acrylic board and metal as a wide variety of custom decorating applications.

This colorful film brightens people’s eyes and improves the overall environmental style. It appears to change color when viewed at various angles. A hard-coated, protective surface layer helps resist scratching and improve the safety of glass during normal use.

When we promote this item, we usually focus on its unique, everchanging color when look at it from different angles, but in the meanwhile, the film also has high quality stability and good performance, with its removable adhesive that without leaving any residue on glass.




* Unique and everchanging color 


* A hard-coated, protective surface layer helps resist from scratching.

* High- quality stability and good performance


* Easy removal without leaving any residues.



The rainbow film can be applied to glass like showcase window, airport, subway and stair. You can also use it for booth, hallway and building for decoration.

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