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One Way Vision

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Perforated One Way Vision is a printable self adhesive vinyl, to display advertising images and graphics. It is a perfect product option for full-coverage store window displays. The unique perforation pattern of one way vision allows you to advertise on your windows with a beautiful, full-color design, but from the inside customers can see straight through it. One Way Vision offers flexibility for irregular surfaces which allows for easy handling and installation. And Prime Sign provide one way vision with removable glue, which makes it easier to remove it within one year.

Besides the normal one way vision, Prime Sign also produce UV printable and hologram one way vision. With double layers liners, the UV one way vision makes it possible to print the materials with UV ink but do not block the holes. The hologram one way vision is very interesting and attractive. It is changing colors under sunshine or lights. You can use it decorated the store window and at the same time put advertising on it. At the same time hologram one way vision can catch people’s eyes easily.




1.Excellent ink absorption


2.Good sheet stability

3.Suitable to all kinds of printers




1. Glass wall advertising

2. Vehicle graphics

3. POP displays, service stations and convenience stores


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