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Happy Children’s Day -Prime Sign Kids Playroom Design

Today is the International Children’s Day. Prime Sign will be together with you to create a colorful, fun, creative space for your children.


1. Magnetic chalk black / green



This is a high quality non adhesive film with blackboard / greenboard capability. It has a thin magnetic backing making it easy to carry anywhere and simple to affix to any steel partition or magnetic wall surface in offices or schools.

Features: Easy to install, easy to remove, easy to take away. Extremely portable.



2. White Erasable Writing Film

The white erasable writing film is a glossy white polyester film with whiteboard capabilities. Its construction gives this product the unique feature that texts and drawings, written with waterbased whiteboard markers, can be easily removed. Its high gloss surface allows smooth writing. Thanks to its thinness and light weight, it maximizes active space of meeting room comparing to traditional whiteboards and screens with legs. Its use is restricted to indoor applications on flat panels.



 3. Multi-Memoboard Solution


It is a flexible and light weight printable self adhesive ferrous film with a clear erasable writing film. With a ferrous base, you can attach any magnetic accessories, prints and markers to it. You can also print some pictures, charts and logo as background, at the same time it is with whiteboard capability, making it a customized product for use at home, school, restaurants, retail stores and offices



4.Magnetic Printable Film


Magnetic printable film is an easy-to-use magnetic polyester based film that can be easily and quickly installed by untrained personnel. It can be applied to almost any steel-based surface to meet the demands for changeable graphics.

Magnetic sign solution


 Please feel free to contact with Prime Sign for more details. And we welcome your new ideas at any time.









Post time: Jun-01-2021