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Elevate the Bar with Chic Designs

Prime Sign adds a touch of elegance to any bar or lounge with our film and ads material. With custom graphic designs, your bartop can become a distinctive focal point that wows your guests.


Make a Statement with printable Black Chalk Writing Film

Transform the look of your bar and showcase your style with our range of high-quality Black Chalk Writing Film. From printable patterns to hand- painted style, Black Chalk Writing Film can be provided as a sign solution.


BFB100 is self- adhesive printable writing film, easily applied on any smooth and clean surfaces. (UV printing is recommended) .In addition to the traits of blackboard, saving space and flexible application is most prominent advantages, compared to conventional stand-up or large-format wall-mounted tablets. Any desired shapes can be cut for cutomized and flexible application. Therefore, it is widely used in restaurants, offices and homes for taking notes or home- teaching. You can write on it with chalk and erase the handwriting easily without leaving shadows or ghosting. The scratch-resistance makes it to be used for multiple times. 


Add a Splash of Color to bar counter with Rainbow Film

Make a vibrant statement and liven up your bar with Prime Sign sleek and modern Rainbow Film.

Made of PET, non-PVC and environmental material, it features an eye-catching holographic design that reflects light in flashing iridescent gloss. The hard-coated, protective surface layer helps resist scratches and improve the safety of glass during normal use.

Rainbow Film offers colorful decoration for glass, acrylic and other clean, smooth and solid substrates. 



PET Backlit- Eco-friendly Material for Interior Lightbox Application

Prime Sign PET Backlit is compatible with Solvent, Eco- Solvent, UV and Latex printing systems. Great light transmission and uniform color make printed graphics more vivid and exceptional, creating luminous and moderate environmental atmosphere, especially at night.



Post time: Sep-22-2023