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Magnetic Printable Film

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* Used with Ferrous Sheet with Adhesive together, as easily replaced ad- posters
* Manufactured into magnetic objects, like fridge magnets and magnetic car sticker
* Production of magnetic nails as educational supplies

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Magnetic Printable Film transforms any iron- base substrates into easy and free advertising spaces, whether it’s an iron plate, vehicle body or just ordinary corners you never notice. It is compatible with Solvent, Eco- Solvent, UV and Latex printing systems.

For one thing, it adheres well to Ferrous Sheet with Adhesive, entirely as easily replaceable ad- posters. Just peel off the backliner of Ferrous Sheet and apply it on any smooth surfaces. Then install or replace the printed Magnetic Printable Film easily. 

Meanwhile, it can be produced into magnetic objects, like magnetic nail for educational supplies, which can mark important points during lecture or meeting. Moreover, the fridge magnet or magnetic car sticker can also be manufactured to apply on iron-base substrates.




* Solvent, Eco- Solvent, UV and Latex printing systems


* Easy to install or replace on ferrous sheet as ad- posters

* Made into magnetic objects, like fridge magnet, magnetic car sticker and magnetic nail.






1. Creation of free and easy ad space for shopping malls, clothes stores, resturants, etc.


2. Educational supplies, like magnetic nails for marking important points during conference or lecture. 3. Any decorative and magnetic stickers, such as fridge magnet and magnetic car sticker.


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