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Clear Erasable Writing Film

Short Description:

* Any desired shapes can be cut
* Smooth writing
* Removing ink and leaving no shadows or ghosting
* Overlaminated on the printed images as easy memoboards.

Product Detail

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Clear Erasable Writing Film creates writing occasions easily to bring fun and creativity.

Any desired shapes can be cut for free and flexible application. It can be applied on any smooth, solid and clean surfaces easily. Wet application is recommended.

Write smoothly. Ink of markers can be easily erased without leaving shadows or ghosting.

Besides independent use, it can be overlaminated on the printed images, like tablets and charts, as memoboards.




* Easy cutting


* Smooth writing

* Application on any solid, clean and smooth surfaces


* Erasing ink easily without leaving shadows and ghosting



1. Independent use as a writing film

2. Overlaminated on printed images as planning boards, menu boards, maps, calendars, etc.

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